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cake international 2010 #3

It’s going to be a really busy week next so I thought I’d post this early…I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting now! This is the final instalment and so I thought I’d finish on a cute, tasty, quirky and sometimes unbelievable note: novelty cakes.

First stop, the International category, where applicants had to be from outside of the UK and create a cake that represented their home country. Well, apart from the giant caterpillar out of A Bug’s Life…I just thought he was so bright and cute that he deserved to be on the front page 🙂

The little tiny details were amazing on these cakes, it really was like looking at a series of clay ornaments, plus a real life knitting box.

The shoes and hadbags here formed part of a company’s display, rather than competition pieces, but I thought you might fancy a look. Also, look out for the cake-eating dragon here. Even the cake box is edible! That really was a fun entry and definitely had the crowds gathering round it!

I think the theme of the next lot is “cute”…I love the bear in the bath cake, with the details of the chair, flooring, toiletries and the little towel wrapped around her head. I think the spangly mouse next to her is looking at me a bit funny though…

So, onto food and drink. It was best not to go around this section on an empty stomach as it would be all you could do to resist taking a bite! It was difficult to pick a favourite as everything was so realistic. I was incredibly impressed with the condensation effect on the glass beer bottles, and I think that the cabbage looked more fresh and tasty than an actual real-life cabbage! In fact, the whole basket of veg was absolutely amazing. What I loved about the fast food cake was the simply iced cake with the food laid on top. Simple idea, perfectly executed.

This next cake is like no cake I have ever seen before. So many details, so much going on, and it even rotated for you to see more (I didn’t dare do this btw, I just stayed with the view I had). Well deserving of a gold medal, it must have taken weeks…maybe months…

This cake is a little more lighthearted. I think we were a bit confused about where the cake was (under the bed?) but the details were really nice. Loving the dog’s water bowl and everything on the desk. Oh and the loved up frogs on the shelf. Bless!

And finally, in a late edition to this blog post, please allow me to introduce Eric the Snake! I unfortunately didn’t manage to take a photo of him at the event so these images are kindly submitted by the winning lady herself, Laura Edwards of Chic Cakes. Congratulations Laura, I absolutely love the details of the scales. A much deserving gold medal win!

And so this concludes my updates on Cake International 2010. I hope you’re looking forward to next year, I certainly am. In the meantime, if you need more cake news to keep you going, watch this space as I’ll have lots of photos, news and events to tell you about! 🙂