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dean razorback

My brother has been coveting Dean Razorback guitars for ages now. It must have been 18 months ago that he first showed me some of the designs that he liked. They really are awesome and I love the extra sharp pointiness. The only trouble is, the more options you see, the less you can decide which design to get if you actually bought one!

Then six months ago, he bought himself a limited edition red and white; very clean, very simple, with amazing fresh colours and really sharp angles. I also love all of the extra little details, including the mother of pearl razorblade on the fret board 🙂

Anyway, I promised him then that for his 25th birthday, I would make him a Razorback in his chosen colour and so, when he bought his Red and White, I knew exactly what I had to do. I am still in disbelief that my baby bro is 25, or that we really had had that initial conversation 18 months ago, but still… Get ready for some gratuitous guitar shots, and see if you can spot which one is edible! 😉

I particularly love the shots of the tone and volume knobs, so I have included a few of these…

The razor blade 🙂

One last angle shot.

And finally, this is what it looked like a bit later on…