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cakes through a lens part 2

Good afternoon! This is the second part of today’s exciting news, at the end of a really amazing week of events for Cakes by Beth. For this one, sit back, relax and turn the volume up as you’re in for a treat 🙂

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a lovely guy called Denis from Deneemotion Wedding HD Videography, who said that he had seen my cakes and would really like to work with me on a project. I was really surprised and flattered, and when I looked at his work, I NEEDED to be a part of it! You can read all about them at I won’t put the link here just yet as it’ll ruin the surprise.

We reviewed our respective diaries and found that Denis was able to take time out from his busy schedule to come to Manchester (from London) on a day when I was creating an amazing and really unsual cupcake display for an engagement party. The event was part of an Islamic wedding celebration, with the wedding coming up in a couple of months, so the colours were rich and decadent and the cake would be set in front of a large stage with beautiful drapes, seating and fairy lights.

It was such a long day of work as I needed to demonstrate so many different techniques, plus think of some interesting things to say (I have now reminded myself of why I am not working as a tv presenter!) but I could see everything taking shape as we worked. It was amazing!

So first, the cake. A vanilla sponge top cake, covered with gold fondant icing and decorated with red and cream flowers, beautiful red ribbon and an edible brooch, with matching cupcakes in a mixture of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.

Here is the overall display in front of the stage. I was so pleased as all the colours came together perfectly. I received so many compliments as I was setting up and most importantly, I completely exceeded the bride’s expectations. Fantastic!

And now for the surprise. If you click on the image below, you will see the fruits of our labour…my very own promotional video! This can also be viewed at I hope you enjoy watching and please feel free to leave your comments underneath.

Beth x