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you know you’re obsessed when…

This is something that happened to me the other day and it was so weird, I felt I just had to share it with you. It has taken me until now to stop creasing up with laughter every time I think about it.

The other night, after an incredibly hectic time of cake deliveries and wedding consultations, I went to bed absolutely shattered. I needed to be up on time the next day so I set my phone alarm for 7.30 am. Pretty early for a Sunday. I must have gone to sleep straight away.

A few minutes later, my partner, not realising my out-like-a-light status, decided that he didn’t really fancy THAT early a start so asked if I would set the alarm for an hour later, just to give us a little bit of a lie in. Incredibly, I agreed, reached for my mobile and started to change the alarm. After lots of beeping and funny noises, I was clearly struggling so the OH got fed up and said to cancel my alarm altogether, he would set his. Which is what happened.

In the morning, I checked my phone to see what on earth was the problem with the settings. This is the weird bit. It turns out that I hadn’t been trying to change my alarm after all, I had been trying to text a friend of mine. The text wouldn’t send (thank goodness!) as I had somehow managed to save her home phone as her mobile number and was trying to send the message to her landline! I don’t even know how to do that…

The strangest bit of all, and I am very worried about myself here, was when I checked the contents of the text. What on earth was my sleep texting self trying to say to someone in the early hours of Sunday morning?

One word:


You know you’re obsessed when…