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the royal wedding

So, after all the months of eager anticipation, it really is all over. Everyone’s Royal Wedding Fever is gradually subsiding now but I thought I would give one last little rundown as a farewell to the greatest run of bank holidays in living memory and a really beautiful, stunning event. I didn’t think I would be sucked in and imagined myself making the most of the sun and the break, catching up on a few highlights when I got back. But no, I was hooked. I did manage to make a trip out in the afternoon but I pretty much soaked it up like a sponge. Plus the rerun in the evening. And The One Show. And the highlights the next day. Therefore I must confess, my name is Beth and I am a Royal wedding addict.

I thought I’d kick this post off with some very British cookies made for a Royal wedding tea party. I love the way so many people were going all out with their celebrations, turning a live broadcast into an excuse for a really lovely get together. Fab.

I also created some Sapphire & Blossoms cookies to match the Royal wedding-themed cake I created a while back. These are great for wedding favours, special gifts or as part of your table displays to tie in with your main cake. My creations were a lot more clean and contemporary than the actual Royal wedding cake, plus I stepped away from a traditional all-white design with hints of rich blue, but still keeping it very soft and wedding-y.

So onto the actual Royal wedding cake. It was absolutely huge!

The traditional eight-tiered fruit cake, designed by Fiona Cairns, was decorated with cream and white icing. It featured 900 individually iced flowers, including the national flowers of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – the white rose, shamrock, thistle and daffodil – as well as myrtle, to symbolise love, and Sweet William. It took an entire team of people to assemble. I particularly love this photo as it reminds me of the Skoda advert where a team of cake decorators created a life-sized vehicle out off cake. It also shows the amount of on-site work that goes into creating a wedding cake. Sometimes, my hardest work starts when I arrive on the day at the venue!

Some detail shots for you:

I was also really pleased to hear that the couple had opted for a groom’s cake. Traditionally a US idea, this is becoming more popular over here and is a really nice way of introducing a fun, relaxed element to you wedding display, whilst keeping your main cake more traditional, or clean and simple. William’s groom’s cake was a McVities chocolate biscuit cake. A lovely, chocolatey alternative for those who are not so keen on fruit cake. Personally, I love both so would have been spoilt for choice 🙂

And to finish, one of my favourite shots from the day. It isn’t my absolute favourite shot but I think this would have lowered the tone of this blog post slightly. If you follow me on Twitter, I retweeted it a couple of days ago…very funny 🙂

Royal wedding image source: The Daily Mail

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a really lovely, extra long Royal wedding bank holiday weekend!

Beth x

14/05/2011 - 8:56 pm

Andy - Very nice post!