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Many people who have visited my website and had a good look around will have seen that I don’t just make wedding cakes. In fact, my business started out with novelty birthday cakes as I found that I loved to make them and was pretty impressed with the results. The range of occasions that I made cakes for expanded and these days, I create all kinds of cakes, but I still regularly get requests for really quirky, unusual and hilarious celebration cakes. I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

Christmas robin fruit cake

This Christmas robin was cute rather than crazy but as he was huge and made completely from fruit cake, i thought he deserved a mention. His jaunty had was incredibly well received and featured in a number of cakes last christmas. You can’t beat a good jaunty hat! 😉

Speaking of Christmas, a request for the the cake version of the Evil Robot Santa from Futurama was pretty out there. I absolutely loved making him, and ensured that I set the scene with a smashed Merry Christmas sign.

Evil robot santa fruit cake

On to birthdays now and I loved this Blackberry mobile phone cake. This lucky guy’s girlfriend had organised a whole day of loveliness for his birthday, including a cake that wa sreceiving a text to wish him happy birthday. The date on the display was his birthday and I made sure that the “phone” was a lovely, shiny black to be as realistic as posisble, whilst still looking tasty.

Blackberry mobile phone birthday cake

One of my most popular birthday cake requests is for a replica of the Ninky Nonk Train, from CBeebies’ In the Night Garden. Made completely from cake, this is such a fun, bright and really memorable design. This is one of my favourite versions as the carriages were all made from different flavours of cake and the birthday girl herself was featured in the picnic party, surrounded by her friends from the programme.

Ninky Nonk Train birthday cake

And now for the craziest cakes I have ever made! This is the start of what can only be described as cake war between a husnband and wife. Honestly, I am so excited about what they will come up with next!

Firstly, the Vampire Meerkat cake. This was ordered by a lady’s husband for her birthday, based on some major things that really irritate her, in particular a certain furry character from a price comparison website advert.

Vampire meerkat birthday cake

The lady was absolutely thrilled with her cake! So much so that when her husband’s birthday was coming up, she decided to get him back with what could possibly be an even crazier cake. Featuring some of his favourite Muppet characters, this cake features The Animal on the top, with Beaker dressed in bondage gear running away from Dr Bunsen Honeydew, who is threatening him with a giant needle.

Muppet gimp birthday cake

I had so much fun making this cake, I can’t tell you. I love receiving crazy cake orders that challenge me and allow me to be really creative. Long may they continue!

Thanks very much for reading. I can’t wait to update you with more exciting cake designs!

Beth x

12/08/2012 - 9:06 pm

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