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This was an exciting opportunity for me as I have never transported a dessert table this far before. I live in Manchester and the wedding was being held in Lincolnshire! It was also designed at quite short notice as the poor couple had been let down by their original supplier. I hear a lot of stories like this, which always shocks and appals me, and although it puts the pressure on with getting all of the details perfect, I could never leave someone struggling so am happy to help if I possibly can.

The company who were originally going to create the dessert table left no sketches or details and the bride was happy to hear all of my ideas so I was able to start with a clean slate and create a design from scratch. The wedding theme was pastel colours with a slight vintage feel, and the table plan and place settings were decorated with Parisian landmarks. The couple were also cutting their cake earlier in the day so wanted a centrepiece with individual desserts that their guests could help themselves to, but nothing too cakey. I immediately thought “macarons!”

I therefore designed the display with a macaron tower centrepiece with alternating rows of pink, lavendar and creamy white macarons, with cookies decorated with graphic print Eiffel tower silhouettes to reflect the table plan, and pastel cake pops. The bride particularly loved my pink blossom cake pops so I recreated these for her in pink and lavendar. She also wanted another dessert, not too cakey, to compliment the colours and flavours, so I also incuded some really cute little canape raspberry meringue pies. I have to say, raspberry meringue pie is one of my favourite ever desserts, the flavour combination is just perfect!

For the tableware, my original plan was to have a row of five square plates at the front, with the macaron tower in the centre and two glass sundae dishes at either side. This is changed when I found these:

The dusky pink, vintage-style bowls (very French boudoire, non?) and softly rounded rectangular platters were just perfect, exactly what I was looking for!

And so I packed everything in ice packs as it was a gorgeously hot, sunny day and made my way to Grantham in Lincolnshire. The motorway was not my friend that day and I had an incredibly tortuous journey, barely making it out of second gear for a good proportion of the route, but the sight of Belvoir Castle as I rounded the corner made it all worthwhile. It was amazing! I wish I had been able to take some photos of it but I was too focussed on the task in hand I’m afraid.

What I can show you is the vintage Parisian pastels dessert table that I created. I absolutely love the way it turned out! Some of my favourite elements are the floppy bow and white blossoms to match the cake pops on the macaron tower, and the lilac and pink sugar cookies in those beautiful glass bowls. The venue had decorated the table with a checked tablecloth and the bride had arranged with her florist to create soft pink bouquets and the striking hydrangea flower head in a vase. All very simple, stunning details. I added a little pink food colouring to the hydrangea’s water to continue the pinkness.

Some close ups on the details. I thought the cone of the tower would look too stark just sitting on top of the cake stand, especially as everything else is quite soft and rounded, so I included this pretty wire basket in a soft cream. the majority of macarons were attached to teh tower, but I softened the base with some scattered inside the basket. i really loved the effect. A lot more inviting, I think, as guests would really feel that they could dip in and help themselves.

And here are what I consider to be the cutest things you could have on a dessert table:

My final photo is a close up of the hydrangea flower head. I absolutely love these flowers, so simple and pretty, very English and very, very now. I have the pleasure of creating some cakes involving hydrangeas in the future, which I can’t wait for!

Thanks very much for reading and thank you to the lovely couple for allowing me to create your dessert table. Congratulations and my very best wishes for your happy future together!

Until next time,

Beth x