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the new love in my life

It was about 12 years ago when my dad first suggested that his next car might be an estate. “WHAT??” I exclaimed. “Why??” I had visions of a huge monster of a vehicle, half car, half van, slow, ugly… I was pretty judgemental about it. He told me how times had changed and actually they were pretty nice. In fact, as well as being incredibly useful, they can have pretty whizzy engines to help you with the extra junk in the trunk. Hmmm, I wasn’t convinced.

When I then went to uni, we had to do a two car convoy to get me there and even then, it was a tight squeeze. I have a lot of stuff. I can’t help it. As we packed up to make the journey, we were thanking with all our hearts the manufacturer of my dad’s car for having electric windows in the back so that, after filling the boot and seats, we could post extra items through the windows and then seal them in notch by notch from the driver’s controls. Like I said, an incredibly tight squeeze!

Determined not to be in that position again, and also with the tasty prospect of being able to drive to France, buy whatever they wanted and cruise home again, my parents did buy that estate. It was nothing like I’d expected, a really nice car and the extra boot space was a life saver. In fact, my dad hasn’t had any other style of car since and boy have I been grateful for it! I still had my views though. My dad is a man (obviously!), considerably taller than me and both myself and my mum couldn’t imagine ever driving his car (not that he would let us in his latest one, it’s his absolute pride and joy). Estates are for men and tall/very brave women who don’t feel like small children in bumper cars when they sit in the front of a big vehicle. Please note, I don’t normally have gender stereotypes for anything but the thought of driving a big car when I am quite a small person really scares me.

Well, times have definitely changed. Up to now, I have owned two cars in my life, both small to medium run arounds with short stubby noses and a great size for living in the city. However, my fantastic customers are ordering ever greater sizes and numbers of cakes from me and my trusty 207 just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I didn’t want to be hiring vans as the quality of the ride (for the cakes, not me!), the ability to keep everything cool and the hassle of hiring it out, taking it back and then a few days later doing the same again, just made it completely not feasible. I have been able to ask for assistance with transport for a couple of larger cake orders recently (in my dad’s oh so trusty estate!) but as a business owner, I need to be self sufficient and know that whatever my clients want, they can have, when and where they want it, delivered safely and reliably.

So, I guess you can probably work out what I’m leading up to. Yup, I am now the proud owner of an estate car, my very own Cake Mobile! I never, ever imagined that it would happen but from the moment I picked it up, I have been in love. It is amazing to drive! Not at all wide and clumsy like I thought. I haven’t got stuck in any tight spaces or reversed into anyone because I had forgotten how long I was. Everything is designed so that you feel completely confortable and know exactly how big you are. Perfect. And the extra space? Unbelievable! Now I know why my dad has never gone back to a saloon. Like father, like daughter… 😉

So now, the proud moment where I get to unveil the new love in my life. Tah-dah! Isn’t he lovely?! So clean, so shiny, such a mean stare… Also, for any car geeks out there, five years triple care warranty? Why, yes please!

And one final shot. A bit of a close up on the all important big booty. Shexxay!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my new love. Lots more blog posts about all the cake action I’m getting up to in him coming up soon!

Beth x

29/08/2011 - 10:08 am

Andy - Nice car!