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vintage glamour dessert table

Sometimes, you work on a project that just gets more and more exciting, the further into it you get. This dessert table was definitely one of those. I first spoke to the lovely Lou a few months ago about her dessert table. She and her fiance wanted a relaxed feel but with a vintage glamour design. Originally, we were thinking black, white and red but after looking through my portfolio, they both loved the soft pastel shades of my signature blossom cake pops, and the deep, rich purple of some hydrangea blossom cupcakes that I had previously created. A theme doesn’t have to be rigid and you should choose things that you love, as they can be adapted to fit in with the overall feel of your day.

I was particularly excited when I saw the invitations that they were sending out to their guests. The wedding was a real family affair, so as well as the bride’s parents creating the central cake for their dessert table, the bride’s brother had designed all the artwork. How stunning and quirky is this?!?

The couple wanted cookies on their dessert table so I described how I could use part of the peacock as a printed design on these. I thought maybe the tail flowing over them would look really lovely. Well, we ended up going one better than that, as Lou’s brother again showed his design talents by creating this amazing cookie topper especially for me!

Image c/o Lou Box

I love the way he incorporated both the roses and the peacock tail into a circular design that was perfect for a cookie topper!

This dessert table was quite unusual in that the majority of the tableware was supplied by the couple themselves. I normally provide the tableware, which is used as part of the design process but Lou and Dave had been collecting vintage glassware for several years and had some great pieces that were perfect for the kinds of desserts that they wanted to have. I saw some of the items at the consultation to get a feel for size, and Lou sent me some photos of the collection so that I could design around the collection. How stunning are these? I love cut glass like this, especially the lace edged dishes and the little dome.

Image c/o Lou Box

The overall colour scheme for the dessert table was vintage pastels with contrasting deep purple and soft gold. The cupcakes and cake pops were presented in gold cases and some of my favourite elements were the pale gold French macarons. I love the way they had a soft shimmer to them and tied everything together. The couple also wanted some fruity cupcakes so I created chocolate and raspberry, and lemon and blueberry, as well as chocolate and carrot cake, both with a swirl of vanilla buttercream and decorated with the deep purple hydrangea blossoms.

So, here it is, the final dessert table!The couple’s reception was held at Denton Hall in Yorkshire. This was an absolutely stunning building on top of a hill, with amazing views of the countryside around the Leeds area. It is one of the most exciting parts of my job to get to visit such interesting and beautiful buildings.

I normally label each item of tableware with the dessert name but in this case, there were so many curves and detailed edges that I felt it would be more appropriate to create a menu of what was on offer, using a font similar to that on the invitations. The couple had also provided a framed sign for the table so I displayed these two together.

Here are a few close ups of different parts of the display. The macarons were in three flavours, raspberry and vanilla, chocolate, and lemon. The cake pops were a mixture of vanilla and lemon, dipped in four different colours of chocolate and decorated with either white or deep purple hydrangea blossoms.

Oh, and not forgetting those all important cookies. I displayed them in the two lace edged dishes and think they looked absolutely stunning!

Congratulations to Lou and Dave, I hope you had an absolutely amazing day. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you the greatest happiness in your future life together!

Beth x


20/09/2011 - 8:36 am

Sophie - Love those cookies, what a great idea to do that!
The whole thing looks wonderful 🙂

20/09/2011 - 8:46 am

cakesbybeth - Thanks so much Sophie! I really enjoyed the whole thing and the glass tableware they had found was simply stunning. Most of it from Edinburgh antique shops. I want! x