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Happy choccy week!

We are officially in the throws of National Chocolate Week! I hope you are having a lovely time and using it as a great excuse to indulge in the sweet stuff. I myself had a very good reason for a little bit of chocolate indulgence this week, which I thought I would share with you. Best of all, it was a complete surprise so I got incredibly excited about the whole thing! 🙂

I accidentally stumbled upon a great company called The Chocolate Library on Twitter. Based in Edinburgh but selling online through their website, they stock a great range of personalised chocolate bars, books and gift bundles, great for birthday presents, thank you gifts and of course, wedding favours. I decided to give them a follow as it all sounded very interesting (and delicious). I particularly loved the name, The Chocolate Library. It conjures up images of shelves and shelves of information and chocolate professors in heated debates over their latest findings. I am a geek though so this is just a personal fantasy 😉

Well, it turns out that The Chocolate Library were looking to hit a milestone number of followers and in my split second timing, I was the one who hit that magic number. Not only that, they were giving a free chocolate bar as a prize. I couldn’t believe it! I received a lovely email from Stephanie, saying that I could choose any chocolate bar from the site (there are so many to choose from and they all come in milk or dark so it was an incredibly tough choice!). Being a geek, I opted for an informative one so chose The Home of Whisky, which gave some background on whisky’s history, tasting notes, different types of whisky … hic!

Sure enough, the day after, a tantalizingly chocolate bar shaped package arrived through the post. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! I managed to resist though … just … Here is the bar itself, after it had been removed from its delivery box. It was all beautifully wrapped and even the stickers had a chocolatey quality to them:

One of the delicious-looking labels:

A sneaky peek of the whisky information (you’ll have to buy the bar yourself to read it all…other subjects are also available):

And finally, a photo of the good stuff. I chose the bar in milk chocolate. I did manage to share some (I was slightly begrudging but very generous actually) and we both enjoyed it very much. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious and disappeared in one short sitting. Greedy or what? 😉

So that just leaves me to thank The Chocolate Library very much for the generosity and delicious chocolate bar. It was such a lovely surprise and I really appreciated it. May you gain many more followers on Twitter and have a fantastic National Chocolate Week!

More details of The Chocolate Library and their delicious offerings and their completely personalised chocolate bar service can be found at, you can tweet them @chocolatelibrary and they have a Facebook page, The Chocolate Library, with even more special offers, competitions and giveaways, especially in this, the holy week for chocolatiers and chocolate lovers alike.

I hope this has made your mouth water. Until next time!

Beth x