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hollywood vogue photoshoot

Well hello and happy Friday everyone! It’s been a busy old time of late and I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing wedding professionals so I am now really excited about being able to tell you all about what I’ve been up to!

This post is all about one of last summer’s escapades as Jenny and Keith McAvoy were launching a new post-wedding photography product, Hollywood Vogue (as seen on Love My Dress and the incredible week-long special all about the different looks on Brides Up North – Julia did an absolutely amazing job, which even got a special mention on the Channel 4 website!). Hollywood Vogue is all about reliving your big day with a nod to iconic Hollywood film stars of yesteryear, and creating a fabulous and decadent experience for you in the process.

These guys are awesome! Lovely people, a lovely couple, efficient and professional yet the mood was light hearted and fun…and their images, so much drama, elegance and depth! I seriously love these guys! Actually, embarrassingly, as the shoot took place at the end of an incredibly busy time for me, I turned up in a bit of a haze, covered in royal icing, having had about three hours’ sleep… I think I remember telling Keith that I loved him, whilst hugging him and thanking him for his photo skills… oh dear, sorry Keith, sorry Jenny…

The photoshoot was held at The Belle Epoque in Knutsford, which is one incredible venue with so many striking and different rooms and backgrounds, not to mention the gorgeous garden at the back. I didn’t know too much about the reasons behind the shoot at the time, only the design brief and an exciting outline for the structure of the day (Jenny was so organised with spreadsheets and timetables, it was amazing. I love a good spreadsheet, it makes my heart skip a beat) so I was incredibly excited when the full details of the Hollywood Vogue package were released.

Such a great idea as a beautiful photo opportunity with you and your other half, or you and your best friends pre-wedding, or as a treat to get to act as a model for the day. I was very jealous as I watched the beautiful models posing in their outfits… Life as a cake maker is generally not a glamorous one and the comparison between them and me (especially on that particular day) was shameful! Still, at least my cakes looked the business, which is the important thing!

And so that brings me on nicely to the shoot. Jenny and Keith have kindly sent me images from the day so here in all their glamorous, vintage Hollywood-esque glory, are the cakey shots from the day. Many thanks to Jenny and Keith McAvoy for inviting me to be a part of such an amazing day, and thank you to all the lovely models and wedding professionals that I chatted to. Credits are at the bottom of this post 🙂

The Hollywood Glamour wedding cake:

Here are some shots of Rebecca wearing one of my favourite dresses, and holding some of my red rose petal cupcakes, which tie in beautifully with the main cake:

I absolutely love this shot. It’s such a dramatic room and I love the way the fairy lights and foliage add a romantic touch to quite an austere wall:

This next image has a great iciness to it, which ties in perfectly with the fur shrug. This was also one of my favourite shrugs from the day. I love a bit of faux fur and this was simple yet absolutely stunning!

A quirky shot of the bar with my cake making a bit of an appearance 😉

These cafe-style shots are amazing!

A lovely black and white close up shot:

And finally, a romantic picnic on the lawn. Look how perfectly the blanket and shrug co-ordinate! Alex is sporting my favourite accessory from the day. This headband is perfect for your wedding, but then is so wearable if you fancy prettying up an outfit afterwards. Love it!

Photography: Jenny & Keith Mcavoy, assisted by Bethany Charles,
Dresses: Aphrodite, Knutsford
Venue: The Belle Epoque, Knutsford,
Flowers: Rosa and Co,
Wraps and shrugs: Wrapor,
Jewellery: Tiny Gems,
Cakes: Cakes by Beth,
Hair and Make-up: Maritza Make Up,
Male models: Jesse Bradbury, Greg McAvoy
Female models: Alex Outhwaite (blonde), Lucy Holmes (brunette), Rebecca Scott (red head)

I hope you liked the cakey shots from the shoot. Thanks very much for reading and have an amazing weekend!

Beth x

02/04/2012 - 8:34 am

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22/04/2012 - 8:45 pm

Final Take Video Production - great shots beth… good job the shot are amazing.