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So, 2011 is almost over. Happy December everyone! It’s certainly been a crazy year for Cakes by Beth and I have plenty more exciting things happening between now and 2012. I can’t wait to share them with you!

This year, I have had the amazing job of creating some really fun and quirky cakes for some really special celebrations. In particular, I have been creating a lot of 2D-3D edible cake toppers. I love the effect they create and so I thought I would share a little round up of my favourites with you.

Firstly, I absolutely love this neopolitan ice cream cake! It was created as a surprise for birthday girl Laura and I was so pleased with the result. The pearl border looks like little scoops of ice cream and the flake honestly looked like a real flake. It was a shame to cover it with chocolate “sauce” but it was worth it for the overall look.

This next topper is a pretty number one for a little girl’s first birthday. We didn’t want it to be too girly and sugary so used dusky pink, darker for the one, slightly lighter for the flowers and butterflies. I wanted to keep everything very simple as such a striking topper doesn’t need too much decoration.

Next is a character that has quickly become an absolute classic for children’s birthday cakes – Peppa Pig! I have seen a lot of different styles of Peppa; flat, carved cakes, 3D character toppers…but I wanted to stay true to teh cartoon as much as possible to kept Peppa and her little brother in 2D, sitting next to a glittery 2 as it was for a little girl’s second birthday.

┬áHere’s a little close up of Peppa herself.

I also couldn’t resist showing you the great canape cupcakes that tied everything together. I absolutely love the ;pink glittery blossoms, so cute!

Now for something completely polar opposite. This was a slightly controversial cake but done in a very tongue in cheek way so everyone found it really funny. I tell you, it’s not every day you find yourself researching photos of hand guns on the internet (or every day that you see wallace and Gromit holding one) and I did have a slight sense of panic that the Police would be round any minute… thankfully, I evaded capture this time and created this:

And finally, back to something much more peaceful. I had the absolute pleasure of creating a delicious chooclatey cake display for guy’s 18th birthday. He loves music and his parents wanted to surprise him with some edible guitar and music themed treats at his birthday party. They loved the idea of a cake surrounded by chocolate cigarillos but wanted a classical guitar to feature prominently. I had such fun in designing a 3D guitar seemingly defying gravity, surrounded by white and dark chocolate, hiding the light chocolate sponge base inside.

I also created chocolate cupcakes with chocolate musical notes, and chocolate cake pops with hand painted musical notes on white chocolate discs. It certainly was a celebration of Alex the birthday boy’s two favourite things, chocolate and music!

I hoep you enjoyed my little round up of 2D-3D edible cake toppers. Thanks so much for reading and see you again soon!

Beth x

16/02/2013 - 9:56 am

Jade Underwood - hi fo you do peppa pig cake toppers? i seen you have a peppa pig george and a number 2 on a cake would you sell them without a cake

25/02/2013 - 10:39 am

cakesbybeth - Hi Jade, thank you for stopping by my blog. At this current time, I only offer cake toppers as part of an overall cake order and not as stand alone items. If you would like to order a Peppa Pig cake, please contact me via my website Thanks, Beth x