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cake of the year?

I normally shy away from competitions as I hate putting myself out there, ready to be judged by specific experts, the wedding community or the wider population. It’s just too scary! What if they don’t like what I do? What if I show myself up? Well this year, I seem to have gone a little competition crazy! I don’t know what has changed my mind but as well as planning to submit a cake design to Cake International at NEC in November, I have now (mainly due to impatience that I knew what design I wanted to make and couldn’t wait until November to do it!) gone and registered my intent to submit a design to the new Cake International event at ExCel in April. What am I doing to myself?? I have paid the entry fee and everything so there’s no going back now! I will, I promise, keep you posted about this…

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Ice the Cake – Every Ingredient for your Wedding, announced that as part of their first birthday celebrations, they were running a Cake of the Year Competition. It made my ears prick up…should I? Could I..? There are a few cakes that I have created in the last eleven months (the window for the cake to qualify for this) that immediately sprung to mind, so I had a think. I wanted to ensure that the cake I submitted was actually a real cake and not a dummy (I don’t know if this is in the specific rules but I felt it would be cheating otherwise) so that narrowed down my choices to exclude some of my own display designs. It was a tough choice but as the one I have chosen is a new design for me, I am still very excited about it and it has received such a good reaction, I decided to choose it. So my Gothic Birdcage cake, it was!

This cake was a part of my 2012 collection, the majority of which were made from polystyrene dummy tiers so that I could keep them, show them to people and generally have something semi-permanent to show for my hard work. However, bespoke dummy tiers can be expensive (or is that just me?) and as I was putting my collection together over the Christmas period, it all got a bit complicated about having enough polystyrene tiers in the right shapes and sizes to create the cakes I wanted. Also, the birdcage at the top has to be carved into shape so that had to be real cake anyway. Therefore, I decided that several of the cakes in my collection, including the Gothic Birdcage, would be made from real cake. That way, I could carve them, create the exact sizes that I wanted, and then I could give pretty slices of cake out to everyone to celebrate my collection being finished.

Well, things didn’t quite work out that way. My birdcage cake was baked, iced, decorated and photographed, but I was so busy with the rest of the collection that I didn’t actually get to do my cake tour to give samples out to friends and family. And I had spent so long in the kitchen, pouring over cake designs and inhaling icing sugar that the last thing I felt like eating was cake. Both myself and my other half still haven’t quite got over the day when, after several weeks of patiently waiting to be consumed, enough was enough and my beautiful birdcage design had to go in the bin. All three tiers of lovingly crafted wedding cake, bow, flowers, lace details, the lot. It was chocolate flavour. It would have been delicious 🙁

At least it did its job though, it looked so good as part of my 2012 Collection Look Book, got a great reaction from engaged couples (especially one lovely lady!), and I got to enter it into a really exciting competition! The full details of the Ice the Cake competition are here:

where you can see the three different categories: Cake of the Year, Most Original Cake Topper, and Industry Newcomer, plus all the t’s and c’s underneath. And so to the scary bit, the shortlisted line up for the category of Cake of the Year…drumroll please…

I think by the fact that I had written this blog post, you knew I had been shortlisted but I wanted to add a little bit of tension and excitement 😉 It’s a tough line up, there are some amazing shortlisted designs so whoever wins will be very deserving of the prize. If you do like my design the best and would like to vote for me, simply click on the link above, fill in your name and email address at the bottom of the page and select me, Cakes by Beth, as your choice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ice the Cake for shortlisting my design, I’m so glad you like it, and to wish everyone who has been included in the shortlists for all three categories the very best of luck! Thank you also to everyone who has voted for me so far, very much appreciated, big hugs!

The competition closes on 31st March and the results are announced on 2nd April so fingers crossed and much excitement for then!

Until next time, have a lovely weekend,

Beth x

23/03/2012 - 3:03 pm

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27/03/2012 - 1:08 am

Christina - What a BEAUTIFUL design, I just love it.

04/04/2012 - 1:57 am

Kristina - MA Wedding DJ Prices - Wow! That cake is really awesome. The design is really unique and eye-catching. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

04/06/2012 - 1:18 am

Kristina - Northampton-Amherst-MA-Weddings - Wow! That wedding cake is really awesome and unique. It’s really one of a kind. I love the floral designs on it! Thumbs up for sharing this picture to us.

04/06/2012 - 1:19 am

Kristina - Northampton-Amherst-MA-Weddings - Wow! That wedding cake is really awesome and unique. It\’s really one of a kind. I love the floral designs on it! Thumbs up for sharing this picture to us.