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inside the designer’s sketchbook, part 2: cake designs 2011

Hello everyone! It’s been a really exciting week here at Cakes by Beth, with this coming week set to be even more exciting and hectic. To celebrate, I thought I would post the second part of my designs v real cakes story, with a recap over some fantastic cakes that I had the privilege of creating in 2011.

Firstly, here is the Hollywood Glamour cake that I created for McAvoy Photography’s fantastic Hollywood Vogue shoot (which I have also blogged about here). I really was left to my own devices on this one, being free to create whatever I felt fitted the brief. I thought I woudl keep the cake angular with deep, rich red roses, scattered rose petals and a hint of silver. As you can see, I had toyed with the idea of motif patterns in different levels of detail but in teh end, I decided to keep the overall look simple and let the tier shapesm, roses and diamante accents do the talking. I just absolutely love this photo, it reminds me of a star from a bygone era, stepping out onto the stage, wearing a full length red carpet dress and being lit only by a single spotlight.

For something a little more fun, here is a classical guitar cake that I created for an 18th birthday party. Believe me, this was one huge and very, very heavy cake. Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam inside, chocolate cigarillos and chocolate curls outside, topped off by an acoustic guitar at an impossible angle. I wanted something simple yet striking and that would create even more of a surprise for the birthday boy. His father ordered it all in secret, including chocolate cupcakes with real chocolate musical notes and cake pops with hand painted music motifs. You can read more about this cake, and others with similar gravity-defying toppers, here.

This next wedding cake was created for a couple who live in Cheshire but own a vineyard in France and are totally obsessed about wine. They wanted a cake that reflected their passion and also tied in with their wedding colours and the bride’s dress. They served their very own wine at the reception as well, which was such a lovely idea. I had the pleasure of trying some (and then treated myself to a bottle or six!) so I can confirm that it is absolutely delicious!

I absolutely love hydrangeas, especially the individual blossoms as they are such a striking shape and can be used to create really striking effects. This wedding cake incorporated the wedding colours of hot pink and navy blue, with a white background and tumbling hydrangea blossoms. The couple kindly gave me ribbon swatches to colour match with, and we also opted for a gros grain ribbon around each tier for a less shiny, more textured effect. I am a big fan of gros grain ribbon. We incorporated three shades pf hot pink into the design for added depth and interest.

For this final wedding cake, I thought I would show you a sketch of the details as a cascade of roses is not just a cascade of roses. When created displays of flowers like this, I like to vary the flower size slightly to add a touch of realism and make everything look less flat. The bride had planned every element of the wedding down to the last detail so wnated to be sure that she was happy with the degree of size variation, so I not only created a sketch of the overall cake, but also of the rose details with diamante encrusted leaves, so that she could visualise the final creation. The overall cake was huge (six tiers!) so there were a lot of roses, which meant that the effect had to be perfect.

And just to show you how huge this cake really was, here is a (highly embarrassing, seldom seen) photo of my good self standing next to it:

I hope you enjoyed this little round up, showing how designs translate into real cake. Until next time!

Beth x

04/04/2012 - 1:55 am

Kristina - Mass Photo Booth Rental - Love the wedding cakes. It’s really yummy and delicious. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

13/04/2012 - 8:12 am

Claire - English Wedding blog - I love your sketch / photo blog posts of the fabulous wedding cakes you design, Beth. They really offer something different, an insight into your world.
The last picture is lovely! (I’m imagining you as about 3ft tall though, and the cake normal size. It tickles me 🙂

13/04/2012 - 2:01 pm

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16/04/2012 - 9:49 pm

cakesbybeth - Thanks so much, Claire! I know what you mean about the six tier cake, it looks too huge to be real! I almost required step ladders for the top tier…almost 😉 xx