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cake international london 2012, part 2: wedding cakes

Hello and happy Friday! Today I thought I would share with you some of the other fantastic entries that I saw during my visit to Cake International, London, back in April. There were so many fantastic creations, displaying all kinds of genius ideas so I have split them into two. This post shows those that were entered as, or could very well be, wedding cakes. My next post will be more about carved and celebration cakes, plus some extra treats that I couldn’t quite squeeze in here 🙂

I absolutely loved these first two cakes, not only because they were both great theme ideas but because each tier showed a distinctly different design, yet the whole cake tied perfectly together. The cake on the left is so delicate, from the tablecloth base tier through to the teapot at the top (with no sagging spout, something that you unfortunately see quite a lot and it annoys me). The cup of tea actually looked like a real cup of tea and the detail and precision on the slice of battenburg was amazing!

The cake on the right was one of my favourites from the show, particularly because the cowboy/Wild West theme was brought back to being for a wedding with the two interlinking horshoes at the top. Genius!

These next two had a similar colour scheme and double height tier idea but with dramatically different results. The cake on the left followed a similar structure to my own entry but with a Jubilee theme. The photo from this angle doesn’t show it so well but one tier near the bottom had impression Union Jacks on it, which added subtle detail. It really was a beautiful cake. The cake on the right was a bit fun, a bit edgy and the hand painting was fantastic. So precise and lots of detail, for instance, have you seen how delicate those wings are?!? Really interesting angles as well, this cake definitely stood out, which was a relief for the creature I’m sure, as it was sat next to THE tallest cake I have ever seen, outside of Donald Trump’s wedding!!

Both myself and my other half loved this next cake. I’m sure they must have used a magnifying glass to add all of the details to the characters. Like, literally, nothing was missed off. You could have stood there for hours, admiring how neat it was and following all the little stories that were going on!

This next cake was perhaps my other half’s favourite, a real fairytale cake with the frog prince and princess at the top. We saw this one being set up, which was fascinating and we weren’t surprised when it scored so highly.

Here are some images of other cakes that I saw, some with flowers, one with stairs and a rippling brook, and the gold cake that I believe will be shown on the documentary that was being filmed at the show. I showed my parents some of the photos from the event and a few days later, they called me to say that a building in Birmingham had been on the news, and looked uncannily like the gold cake here. At the time, I had no idea where the creator’s inspiration came from so it felt like a bit of a relief that I finally, possibly, understood it more!

I haven’t said much about the gremlin cake above but believe me, it deserves it! There is a whole story going on and it was a real show stopper, constantly with a large crowd gathered around it, jostling to get the best photo. It is very much a wedding cake but it also fits in with my carved cake post so I thought I would save some of the character details until then 🙂

I call this final cake a pagoda cake, which I think is what it is based on. All very Japanese-inspired and with an amazing combination of structure, angles and unbelievably delicate panelling. I think this cake was my absolute favourite from the day. All I can say is, I would not like to have been the one stacking it as look how feather-light the piping is! Such a beatiful effect.

I hope you enjoyed my round up of some of the wedding cake highlights from the show. Until next time!

Beth x

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Kristina - MA Wedding DJ - Wow! Those wedding cakes are really awesome. The designs and styles are really eye catching. Also, it\’s really mouth watering. Thanks for sharing this post to us.