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cake international london 2012, part 3: sculpted cakes

This is my final post about the cake show at Excel back in April. I thought I’d save the fun one until last! I thought I’d start off with one from the wedding cakes post as I thought it deserved some more text and a bigger photo. This was definitely one of my favourites from the show and really made us chuckle, plus drew a big crowd. I just love the story! The bride gremlin’s watch says that it’s just gone midnight so as she takes a huge bite from the wedding cake, Gizmo cowers in terror at the monster he has just married. There’s an edible paper checklist too, love it.

Next are a couple of details from the frog prince and princess cake. I love how cute the frogs are and the detail on the little side cake, with the lily pad and dragonfly, are just fab.

The detail on this owl speaks for itself. I also believe they are curls of chocolate decorating the base, which is a great idea.

Next up, another incredibly detailed owl. I thought it was a shame that this one didn’t make Gold…the partially severed head of the rat was very realistic…

On another “animals eating” but slightly more fun note, here is a chameleon with a very scared looking fly “friend”…

And some cute animals lying down. Does anyone else remember the dog from Sesame Street that could count using blue rubber balls?

For all Lord of the Rings fans, here’s a little ork, and a bust of Jack Sparrow for those who love Pirates of the Caribbean…or Johnny Depp…or both:


I managed to accidentally bypass and miss a whole section of handbags, which I am gutted about, but here are a couple that I managed to take snaps of. I could really see myself owning the one on the right!


I loved this dragon. I believe it is a sculpture rather than a cake, but the detail was amazing!

I also loved this car. It was quite small and unassuming but so precise!

And finally, I thought I would end with two mega sculptures, which had an amazing impact in the centre of the exhibition hall!


I hope you enjoyed my little rundown of the sculpted cakes. Until next time!

Beth x

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