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fresh flower fabulousness

I absolutely love creating sugar flowers for cakes but sometimes nothing works better than the real thing. Fresh flowers are so delicate with variations in colour, texture and shape that you would really struggle to recreate from icing. They also allow your cake design to give a nod to your table centres, bouquet and any other floral elements. There are lots of different ways to use fresh flowers, depending on the types of flowers you have chosen, the structure of your cake and the look that you want to go for. At Cakes by Beth, we always work with a professional florist (preferably the company you have booked for your wedding) to supply the flowers for your cake, and they will be able to best advise you as to what flowers to choose.

It can be a really simple, pretty statement to decorate your cake table with petals and flowers that match the rest of your wedding flowers. These flowers can tie in with the design of your cake (Purple Orchid, right) or be in a contrasting shade (White Ruffle Cascade, left).

Flowers on cake table

For a punchy yet not overly fussy look, a hand-tied mini bouquet topper and an asymmetric cascade of clusters works perfectly. I love the range of shades of pink against the deep green oak leaves of the cake on the left. There is so much detail but with a very laid back, summer meadow feel. The hot coral peonies on the cake on the right are so bold and striking, it was best to keep everything else very simple and let the flowers do all the talking!


For a more formal look, domed toppers are perfect because they follow and accentuate the crisp lines of the cake. A great way to add height to a cake is to mirror the topper with a floral base…and as you can see, you can choose to have very simple and understated with a subtle use of different types of rose, or a real wow factor display to add as much extra impact as possible with fantastic leaves and a sea of exquisite and interesting flowers.


The ultimate way to use fresh flowers on your wedding cake is between each tier, adding a huge amount of extra height to the cake and really drawing your eye to the floral sections. These are real engineering projects and a definite joint venture between a cake designer and a florist, but the elegant results and wow factor when it is all finished make it well worth it!


  I hope this was a useful little guide as to how fresh flowers can be used in different ways, and the impact they have on the overall look of your wedding cake.

Until next time!

Beth x