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the 2014 wedding cake collection: colours

Last weekend, I exhibited at my first major wedding show (and the first event of any kind for a very long time as I don’t normally exhibit anywhere!)…and what a huge one it was!! The National Wedding Show at Manchester Central (formerly the GMex for anyone a little more old skool like me) is one of three huge wedding shows held in Manchester, Birmingham and London and was an unbelievable experience. Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit my stand, it was so nice to meet so many lovely people, and it made my weekend when some couples who have already booked me popped by to say hi as well! Congratulations to Aimee and Jemma, the first two ticket winners to come to my stand and say “lovely bubbly”, I hope you enjoyed your champagne.

Every Spring, I launch a new wedding cake collection to showcase my latest ideas and predictions for upcoming trends, and so I decided to launch my new collection at The National Wedding Show. This year, I decided to focus on colour, and how to use it in interesting and different ways to create beautiful, romantic and eye-catching wedding cakes. There are six designs in total and the final one has an extra special element to it, as you will see shortly.

Cakes by Beth 2014 collection wedding cakes showcase

The first design was the centrepiece of my collection and was incredibly popular at the show. Modern Wedgewood combines traditional and classical moulded elements with modern ruffles and varying tier shapes. I love mixing round and square together. I also created a porcelain look with the flowers by clustering calla lilies together.

Cakes by Beth Modern Wedgewood wedding cake

Keeping to a traditional look with a modern edge, Parisian Romance is a different take on monochrome. I also created this new design in a slightly different colour way for another project so I’m excited to show you that soon! The overall look is inspired by two of my favourite Australian cake designers, especially with the draped effect on the base tier, which is made from a series of tiny little rose buds. Chocolate brown is such a nice alternative to black.

Cakes by Beth Parisian Romance wedding cake

Now for something a little brighter; Pink Confetti. This cake features a wider base tier in a slightly dusky pink with pleated trim, and a narrower top two tiers with hand painted cascading petals. The detail at the front is another cascade of petals, but this time barely-there rice paper, which lets the light through and looks absolutely stunning. It’s all finished off with three large ombré roses, blending from deep pink to white. Considering I am not normally a pink or girlie person at all, this design is one of my favourites!

Cakes by Beth Pink Confetti wedding cake From a big statement in pink to a subtle accent of deep purple and a different look for my signature birdcage cake style. Winter Frost Birdcage is all white with hints of pearl and sparkly sugar “frost”, white leaves, snowflake style details and little plum berries with pearl centres. It’s an all white wedding cake but with a real twist.

Cakes by Beth Winter Frost Birdcage wedding cake

My absolute favourite from the collection is Black & Yellow. A classic monochrome colour scheme, bold repeating patterns and then vivid yellow peonies, roses and blossoms. I kept the detail bold yet simple and was over the moon with the result. Oh, and I couldn’t help mixing those round and square shapes again. Sometimes, a square base makes all the difference 🙂

Cakes by beth Black & Yellow wedding cake

The final design was created in a slightly different way. I had a few ideas in mind for my final piece in the collection, but when the National Wedding Show contacted me and asked me to talk on stage about my work and how to use metallics in wedding cake designs, I set to work designing a cake that fitted their brief. The inspiration included crisp white linen, gold sequins, picture frames and pops of teal and plum. I decided to create a Californian feel with snagged linen textures, pleated accents on the base with little edible sequins, a gold picture frame monogram and an asymmetric cascade of teal succulents (oh how I love succulents!)

Cakes by Beth Gold & Linen wedding cake

Here are all my guys at the show, waiting patiently on my stand. It was so much fun (and also a little bit overwhelming!) to see my business name at the top when I first walked in.

Cakes by beth at The National Wedding Show G69

The wedding theatre held top tip talks all day from various wedding industry experts and I was asked to contribute some advice as part of Danielle the editor of Wedding Magazine‘s top 10 wedding themes run down. Thank you to The National Wedding Show for these images of me backstage getting mic’d up, and me talking through the design details on Gold & Linen.

Cakes by Beth on stage at The National Wedding Show

Thanks so much again to everyone who came to see me at the show. I hope you enjoyed viewing my new collection and my on stage talk, and had a fantastic day out. I think I have just about recovered from all the excitement…but no rest for the wicked, I have two more huge projects that are happening at the moment and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Until next time,

Beth x

04/04/2014 - 9:35 pm

Your Proposal - Wow very impressed – you certainly are talented when it comes to making cakes!