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little mistress fashion advert

The majority of my work is working with couples to create wedding cakes but every so often, something unusual and unexpected crops up. A few months ago, I received an enquiry about creating some cakes for the filming of a tv advert for an online fashion brand. How exciting! At the time, I had no idea who the ultimate client was, I was just told that the cakes needed to be fun, bright and with a focus on green, pink and partying.

The PR company and advert producers loved my Winter Frost Birdcage wedding cake so I amended the design to create a soft watercolour style green base with hot pink scrunched and ruffled flowers.

Winter Frost & Green Watercolour birdcage wedding cakes

Left:  Winter Frost Birdcage                                                                Right: Green Watercolour Birdcage

Green Watercolour Birdcage wedding cake details

Green Watercolour Birdcage details

They also decided that they would like to feature several other cakes to create a fun and cake-filled atmosphere, and highlighted my Amour & Feathers, and Pink Confetti designs. All three cakes were carefully packed into a van and driven down to London by the world’s most under-pressure courier. He did such a great job of it though, and we were all pleased and relieved.

Amour & Feathers and Pink Confetti wedding cakes

Left: Amour & Feathers c/o Cat Hepple Photography                                                          Right: Pink Confetti

I wasn’t present for the filming of the advert and so I had no idea what they would be doing or how my cakes would be featured. The answer is….this!! Be The Party! Click on the picture link below to watch the full advert.

Little Mistress June 2014 Be The Party advert


Until next time,

Beth x