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textured wedding cakes

I absolutely love adding texture to wedding cakes. It’s a great way to add extra detail and interest, and create something striking and dramatically different, whilst keeping the overall look clean and simple. Here are some recent textured wedding cakes where smooth gave way to tactile with pretty results.

My Rustic Chalk design features a deep chocolate brown bark texture with grey and white powder finish to tone down the colour and allow the bright pastel flowers to really stand out. I used different heights of tiers, from the classic five inch top tier to an extra tall and then half height tier below, to give a nod to stacks of logs. This texture is created using bespoke bark moulds that I made myself, and I really love the effect they create.

Textured wedding cake 1 dark bark

Laura and Jon wanted a really clean and simple rustic design so opted for an all-over textured bark effect in ivory, air brushed and painted in shades of caramel, coffee and white to add extra interest, and then trimmed with edible hessian (or burlap) ribbon. Just a few pinches of gypsophila and the couple’s bespoke laser cut topper finish off the design, which was displayed on a vintage suitcase.

Textured wedding cake 2 textured bark & shading

This next design was based on a very similar concept to Laura and Jon’s rustic cake but I kept it really chic in all-ivory and added cascades of sugar roses with hidden cherubs and angel wings, all dusted with hints of gold shimmer and trimmed with moulded sugar lace. The closer you look, the more you see!

Textured wedding cake 3 champagne bark & cherubs

Danielle and Stephen loved the cherub design so much, they wanted their own version so I created this nautical version, complete with romantic and special quotes on the rose leaves, hints of gold and fresh water fish as Stephen loves a spot of fishing. As the venue was the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, I added rope and knot details to tie the cake in to its surroundings.

Textured wedding cake 4 Vintage poetry rope Titanic

Bark texture doesn’t have to be an all-over affair to create a striking look, as shown by my Silver Winter design. Only the top tier featured the bark, which I then accented with white, pearl and silver edible paints.

Textured wedding cake 5 silver winter

The Silver Birch design is a stack of wooden logs with a totally different look. Here, I hand-textured horizontal bark effects into the asymmetrically stacked “log” tiers, and moulded knots to stand proud of the surface of the cake. There is just the smallest hint of vintage gold in the carved heart-shaped monogram at the front.

Textured wedding cake 6 Silver birch texture

For something completely different and more classical, this five tier cake is covered with rustic textured buttercream for a soft, creamy and romantic look. The flowers are fresh but the lace is completely edible, made from baked sugar sheets.

Textured wedding cake 7 rustic buttercream

Images by Chris Mee Studios

For the Under The Sea design, I added a raw silk texture to create subtle vertical ripple effects over the cake. This boosted the feeling of being under the ocean, and helped to blend the airbrushed ombre wave shapes and shades. I also added a bit of the bark texture to the driftwood frame for the chalkboard monogram.

Textured wedding cake 8 Under The Sea gentle ripple texture

Finally, here is the same raw silk texture used in a different way, to create the effect of fabric. Based on a soft ivory and white colour scheme, I textured the middle tier and then over-piped with lace patterns to match the fabric on Amy’s wedding gown.

Textured wedding cakes 8 Silk lace pearls

I absolutely love using texture on cakes as I feel that it really adds something unusual to a design without over-complicating a cake, allowing the main details to be highlighted. I hope you like how I have used texture in these wedding cakes!

Until next time,

Beth x

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