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chocolate cake truffles

I must admit, I was pretty sceptical about how these would taste.  The thought of eating cake in any other way than as a slice or cupcake… well, it’s different and I couldn’t quite decide whether it was something I would like or not.

Oh how I was wrong!  I used my favourite chocolate sponge recipe, some really light and fluffy chocolate buttercream (it always reminds me of chocolate milkshake, lovely) and really creamy Belgian milk chocolate.  The result was delicious and very morish.  These won’t hang around for long, that’s for sure!

Here is the crumbled up sponge cake and the chocolate buttercream.  Mix the two together to a malleable consistency.

Roll the mixture into balls. I decided to make mine a good double-bite size as I wanted people to really savour the taste.  I then put them in the freezer for about an hour.  It’s so hot at the moment and you need to make sure that they are good and firm.

Once firm, roll the balls in melted chocolate.

I fished them out with a fork to drain away some of the excess and leave a smooth surface.  Chocolate and sour cherries is one of my favourite flavour combinations so this is what I used for decoration.

After cooling in the fridge, the truffles are ready.  If you cool them for a bit, you can trim off any excess chocolate before putting them back in to set thoroughly.  However, I couldn’t wait for this and we tucked into them as they were.  Excess chocolate?  More chocolate for me!! 😉