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happy bethday!

Yes, in case you couldn’t tell from my slightly self-indulgent title, I have just celebrated a birthday.  Yesterday, in fact.  A lady never discloses her age but let’s just say, it’s one year off a milestone and about five years older than I can actually bring myself to believe.  Ah well, if I am in disbelief at this birthday, I have 364 days to brace myself before I REALLY get a shock!  I of course apologise to all of my friends who have already passed this milestone or who have it to face in the upcoming months.  I’m sure it is nowhere near as bad as I am making out.

Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday was my birthday and so I thought I would share some hand-crafted, specially selected and exotic gift highlights with you.  First up, my new Japanese fridge magnet, which my friend picked up for me whilst on her honeymoon.  I have talked about my fridge magnet collection before (See Ewe! Eew!) so here is a little viewing of it for you.

Everyone had set a bit of a rule for me this birthday that I should steer away from cake things for a while. I really do have a whole warehouse full of equipment, which we try and squeeze furniture and people around in an attempt to live a normal life. Sometimes, the cake equipment wins. Actually, make that the cake equipment often wins.  Anyway, my birthday wasn’t completely cake-free. One thing I asked for (check out my awesome new supersized cake leveller), the other two were surprises (my cute cake tin and mug – My Mug!).  I shall very much enjoy using all of them 🙂

The there was this, my handmade, reversible apron:

This was made by a good friend of mine.  Check out her blog at, where you can see more of her creations, both sewn and crocheted.  I’m informed that Deryn Du means blackbird in Welsh btw.  I’ll be wearing the apron at the Heald Green farmers market on the August bank holiday Sunday.  Come along to say hi and check it out in real life:)

I also couldn’t give a run down of fantastic presents without mentioning my fantastic handmade pair of wine goblets, complete with deliciously fruity coloured swirls of purple.  Here is one in use, mmm shiraz:

And finally, la pièce de résistance, the cake.  This is just a little sneaky peak of it.  To see it in all its glory, you’ll have to visit the Birthdays and Weddings sections of my website!