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shoe love

I love my new shoes! I am more of a handbag person generally as new shoes scare me. Will they be comfortable? How long before a pinch, rub or other annoyance that I hadn’t bargained for, that will distract me/add pain to my day/ruin my walking plans/will make me change into my “emergency pair” and ruin the impact of my carefully-planned outfit? Which is why I tend to be one of those people who runs a few pairs of shoes into the ground (no pun intended there) and has to have them prized from my hands as I wail, sob and beg for “just one more wear!”

To be honest, this is pretty much what happened here, except there was no need for tears at the end. Phew! I think I bought the first pair of shoes in question in the Autumn of 2004, claiming that they were for driving. In all honesty, I did plan to wear them for driving but I also just really liked them, all pink and shiny inside, black on the outside with a random scattering of pink blossoms. I loved the fact that although they were a pair, each shoe was decorated slightly differently. It turns out, they WERE excellent driving shoes, with a thin sole for sensitive pedal control and were great for quick stop offs; car to supermarket, car to petrol station, car to shopping in town for a few hours…

It was only when the huge hole in the right sole meant that the pedals got stuck underneath the leather, meaning that I had to unhook myself before I could stop breaking or accelerating (dangerous or what??), that I knew it was time. Time to say goodbye to my faithful driving shoes.

Then I found these. I picked them up in a very unlikely place actually, especially for shoe love at first sight: the omnipresent supermarket giant that is Tesco. And they were on sale! I didn’t even look at the price when I decided I had to have them so when I got them to the checkout and noticed the half price sticker, I knew it was meant to be. I don’t think this photo shows the true richness of the red. It has a slightly burnt quality to it, which is really flattering. I am honestly not as vampire-pale as it would seem! But it’s the little vintage-inspired clover-flowers that I love the most. They’re so cute! I think you know what I’m going to say next: yes, they would look so good on a cake. Something to celebrate the end of summer moving into the beginning of Autumn, incorporating the rich red and pairing it with soft green leaves. Beautiful. I will get straight onto it.

Whilst we are on the subject of vintage inspirations, I couldn’t resist showing another gratuitous birthday present photo. This is the cutest little birdie necklace and it came so nicely wrapped. The inspiration for the bird-related gift is at the bottom. He was feeling a little camera shy today so it took me a while to take this. This is highly unusual for him as normally he tries to stick his beak into any situation involving electronics or electrical equipment. Phones are the worst, he has a need to get in on the conversation. He doesn’t say anything, he just listens. What a little eavesdropper!